GTA 4 For Android :- GTA is a very popular open-world game series, but here I’ve got GTA 4 For Android! It isn’t released yet by Rockstar Games. So, we can enjoy it in our AmdAndr phone using this GTA 4 Android MOD with HD Graphics! This GTA 4 MOD For Android includes lots of interesting features such as new moving style, jumping style, new gun textures, new cars and many more! GTA 4 APK and Data is given below to download via Google Drive link but make sure you read the full installation process in order to make this GTA 4 MOD work properly!

GTA 4 Android Compression Info :

  • Original Size : 1.13GB
  • Compressed Size : 350MB

GTA 4 Android Info :

  • Name : GTA IV 2019
  • Category : Action, Open World
  • Platform : Android
  • Version : 1.0
  • Mode : Offline

GTA 4 Android 2019 Screenshots :

GTA 4 Android Apk + Data Download Link :

How to Install GTA 4 Android APK + DATA :
  1. Download GTA 4 APK + DATA From The Link Given Above In The Post.
  2. Extract GTA IV MODPACK 2019 BY ANDROIDKING.7z Using ZArchiver App
  3. Password →byGamerKing
  4. Now, You'll Get A Folder Of This Name "GTA IV MODPACK 2019 BY ANDROIDKING
  5. Open The Folder And You'll Get A Two Folders Of This Name "APK & DATA"
  6. Now Open APK Folder & Install The APK
  7. Now Open DATA Folder You'll Get A Folder Of This Name "com.rockstargames.gtasa"
  8. Open It And Go To : "files > texdb > gta3".

  • Here You Have To Edit These 3 Files Shown In Screenshot Below :

You Have To Rename Them According To Your GPU :

  • Mali GPU – rename “RENAME” to “etc”
  • Adreno GPU – raname “RENAME” to “dxt”
  • PowerVr GPU – rename “RENAME” to “pvr”

An Example: I Have MALI GPU

I Will Rename “gta3.RENAME.dat” to “gta3.etc.dat”

And Edit All 3 Files As Shown Above:

Now, Again In That “com.rockstargames.gtasa” Open It And Go To: “files > texdb > gta_int”

Now, You’ll See Some Files As Shown In Screenshot Below :

Now, Again In That “com.rockstargames.gtasa” Open It And Go To: “files > texdb > txd”

Now, You’ll See Some Files As Shown In Screenshot Below :

Again, Edit These 3 Files And Rename Them According To Your GPU.

Now Paste This "com.rockstargames.gtasa" Folder To "Androiddata".

And Done! You're Ready To And Done! You're Ready To Play GTA 4 Android Version MOD! Launch GTA SA And Boom! 
Now It Is Transformed to GTA 4 Android!!

Features Of GTA 4 Android 2019 :

  • 30+ New Vehicles Including
  • New Bikes
  • HD Grass
  • New HD Sidewalk
  • Brand New Roads Like GTA 4
  • Grove Street Insanity - Full HD
  • HD Skybox
  • Retexture City
  • GTA IV Radar
  • GTA IV Trees And Textures
  • All Cleo Script In English
  • Real Shadows
  • Support Low Devices

Any Link NOT Working?? Having trouble? Feel free to ask/inform us in comments down below :


  1. When i tap start new game apk autoautomatically cut and got back to home

  2. When games force close that means you don't rename the file according to your gpu

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  4. Why is it closed down for every time after sign in and offline too

  5. Not working after clicking offline